Oklahoma Product Lines

Abbatron manufactures electronic hardware and test accessories. Products include standoffs, spacers, plugs, jacks, binding posts, test accessories, and connectors.

Aker Technology manufactures high volume and competitively priced frequency control products. Including quartz crystals, clock oscillators, voltage controlled crystal oscillators (VCXOs), and temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs).

Altech Corp. supplies European components and devices for industrial control, instrumentation, and automation.

AZ Displays manufactures custom LCD glass, character modules, graphic modules, and TFT products. They also offer custom solutions.

From reed relays & solid state relays to TMR magnetic sensors, Coto Technology has established itself as a market leader in product quality and design innovation.

Eclectic manufactures permanent, flexible adhesives,   and sealants in spray, cartridge and bulk form to attach or laminate dissimilar materials.

Eclipse Security manufactures CCTV surveillance cameras as well as other business and residential security products.

EHC manufactures industrial and military knobs, handles, cranks and hand wheels. Custom services are also available.

Io Audio Technologies manufactures pro AVL (audio, video, and lighting) cables, connectors, and accessories.

Knight Electronics provides procurement, design, manufacturing, assembly & shipping services to small, medium and large OEMs.

MG Chemicals provides high performance chemicals and accessories for the cleaning, repair, coating and prototyping of electronic parts and circuits.

Orion Fans manufactures a wide range of cooling products and accessories including fan trays and cords. Custom OEM products available.

Panavise is a major manufacturer of precision vises, circuit board holders, work holding tools, and mini arbor presses.

Time Mark provides products for industrial usage in wastewater treatment and process control. Custom OEM products available.