About Us

SW Marketing Associates is a technical sales organization serving the electronic and electrical industries. Founded in 1980, we service OEMs, CEMs, MROs, and distributors in the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Arizona, New Mexico, Western Tennessee, and Mississippi territories. 

We are a solution seller with a synergistic line card and in turn have established a dynamic sales team with unmatched industry experience to help meet the needs of our principals as well as our distribution partners.

We work to gain market share and accelerate your growth as a company. We are headquartered in Dallas, Texas with satellite locations in Houston, Texas and El Paso, Texas.

Territories Served

Mission Statement

We work to build solid relationships with both distributors and direct customers and bring value by providing engineers and procurement with product & supply chain solutions.

How Can a Rep Firm Help You?

Manufacturer’s reps are a commission based sales force designed to help promote your brand in the marketplace. Hiring the right rep firm can make all the difference in helping your business grow.

If you're seeking a rep for your line, give us a call.

(214) 341-8631